GOTHAM: 8 Luxury Sleepwear Brands That Combine Comfort and Style

By Serena Napolitano - read the full story here


Gotham Magazine: 8 Luxury Sleepwear Brands That Combine Comfort and Style


If you can't lay around in bed all day, you might as well bring that level of comfort and luxury to your lounge time

When you’re relaxing around the house on a Sunday with a cup of coffee in hand, you want to feel the comfort of a silky touch or warm plush. When you are ready for bed, your sleepwear of choice can really make a difference.

If you're ready to take bed time to the next level, give one of these eight luxury sleepwear brands a try. They each deliver creative patterns in fabrics that will make you feel relaxed and fashionable at the same time.

Nigel Curtiss 

Nigel Curtiss, a fashion innovator with a reputation in custom tailoring, is a true believer in everyday luxury. His sleepwear line of cotton and silk pajama sets for men and women brings luxury to the bedroom. His Women’s English Garden Set is made with 100 percent Italian silk and features an elegant floral print, while the Men’s Cotton Pajama Pant is made with 100 percent cotton.